Why Authentic Jewelry is a Focus of Native American Culture?

Collection of Native American Turquoise and Silver Jewelry.

The preservation of authentic Native American jewelry is very important to us here at Palms Trading. Each piece in our store: necklaces, rings, and earrings alike tell a unique story. For this reason, authentic jewelry making is an art focus for Native Americans.

Each of our hand-made pieces found at Palms Trading is exceptionally made from sterling silver and accented with colorful materials; including the ever popular turquoise, and spiny oyster.

Connection to History

Authentic Native American jewelry is an important part of Native American culture and tradition because:

  • Each piece tells a distinct story or characterizes some level of power within the tribe
  • The turquoise and silver jewelry are hand-made
  • Created by materials that can be found where the tribe lives
  • Originally Native American jewelry was made for members of the tribe only

The art of Native American turquoise jewelry began in the 1800s when the Spanish people settled near Navajo tribes. The art of silversmithing was passed down to Native American people and has evolved over time into jewelry that we see today.

Silversmithing spread through various tribes and each tribe worked with different materials and styles to make it their own. For this reason, every tribe has different stamping and creations.

Authentic Native American Jewelry at Palms Trading

Palms Trading Company has the widest selection of authentic Native American jewelry in New Mexico. For over 133 years our team has developed personal relationships with local and famous Native American artists. We buy directly from artists and are a member of the Indian Arts & Crafts Association, and we guarantee that every piece available online and in our showroom is authentic, handmade Native American Indian art.

Visit our showroom to browse our selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

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Characteristics of Navajo Rugs

Maintaining the Weaving Craft

The Navajos are the only native people doing a vast amount of weaving today. Large numbers of Navajo‘s continue to weave commercially. The same methods of weaving have been used for over three hundred years. These rugs are made in the weaver’s home where beautiful works of art come to life.

The Wool

Authentic Navajo rugs are weaved with handspun wool. Some Navajo’s today still raise their own sheep and use the wool from their sheep. The wool is interchanged into warp and threads by the weaver. Commercial wool yarn is also used, which creates a more symmetrical appearance in the rug shape.


Natural wool colors include white black and brown. Vegetal dyes are also natural colors or dyes created by boiling plants and mixing it with the wool. Aniline Dyes are commercial dyes that make bright colors.

Authentic Navajo Rugs at Palms Trading Company

Navajo rugs hold a special place at Palms Trading Company. We are proud to have a variety of beautiful and authentic hand-woven Navajo rugs for sale. We sell rugs of various styles including Ganado Red, Two Grey Hills, Pictorial Weaving, and Storm Weaving. Each rug features intricate patterns that reinforce the craftsmanship, skill and time each artist invests. Our Navajo Indian rugs guarantee you are receiving an authentic, hand-woven product representing the Navajo Indian tradition and culture. Visit Palms Trading Company today!

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